About Gwinnett Neighborhoods-In-Peril.com

The Gwinnett Neighborhoods In Peril were originally referred to in Gwinnett County as the Gang of 6 — six individuals who fight for the rights of Gwinnett residents behind the curtains. We now speak out at commission hearings and meet with local politicians to defend the citizens in Gwinnett County and preserve the quality of life for everyone in the county.

A 130+ acre area referred to as “The Range” owned by Cisco Systems was left untouched for many years now. Prior to Cisco, the previous owner (Scientific Atlanta) coined the term “The Range” because they used this property to test the range of satellite dishes and other electronic transmitting products before they were put on the market.  It is, indeed, the last remaining expansive tracts of undeveloped land remaining in all central Gwinnett.  Even though it was zoned as M1 for Light Industrial, no one was interested in acquiring the entire property without subparceling.  For whatever reason, all meaningful responses to our requests for Gwinnett to purchase through land acquisition funds under SPLOST were kept in limbo.

Now there has been a bid placed on The Range by a developer named Rocklyn Homes and Cisco accepted the offer.  The proposed development was to add 399 homes (now reduced to 334) onto the 130 acre property (30 acres of which is unusable because of wetlands).

The man behind the development is a gentleman by the name of David G. Jenkins who in the past has filed for immunity in exchange for his testimony in a bribery scheme where then Gwinnett Commissioner Kevin Kenerly was allegedly paid off for his vote that would have approved a land deal and netted Jenkins around $7.3 million.  You can read more about some of the details here on AJC’s website.

Due to the volatility of this current deal with The Range, the history of this developer, and the impact it will have on the surrounding communities, many neighborhoods have gotten involved. The Gang Of 6 will always be the core, but for this current fight, with more engaged members, we now refer to ourselves as the Gwinnett Neighborhoods In Peril (G-NIP) as we fight to defend The Range.  Our plan is to derail this project by proving that it will have a negative impact on the surrounding communities and bringing evidence to that effect.  This is not about being anti-business or even anti-Jenkins. It’s about the detriment that this development will cause to our community and a fight to stop it in its tracks.

It will overwhelm our already overloaded school systems, cause more traffic congestion problems, cause headwaters drainage problems, depreciate the surrounding home values even further, and much more.  The Gwinnett Range Rovers plan to do whatever we need to bring it to a stop and our fight will continue until it’s done. Our fight truly has county-wide implications.

Please join us in the fight and start by signing the electronic petition.

We love comments as you sign on, and we love when you honk your horn as you spot one of our volunteers at a busy intersection with a “Neighborhoods-In-Peril.com” placard.  They aid and abet us!

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